Elevate is designed to teach preschool and elementary children in a variety of settings!

We designed Elevate to be used on the weekend in children’s worship or Sunday school, mid-week programming, VBS, and even day-camps.

The curriculum comes in a Base Pack that covers 8-weeks of lessons with the same theme. Each Base Pack is all-inclusive, providing you with everything you need for large and small groups of kids, whether you have five children or 500. You can perform your teaching time (skit and Bible story) live using actors OR you can use the DVD to show the skit and Bible story on a TV. The Base Pack is your starting point for either option.

Elevate Jr. is for children ages 3-6 and can be used in a classroom or large group setting.
Elevate Kids is for children ages 6-12 and can be taught with one teacher or two teachers.

Browse through our maps, or search for a specific theme (like the Great Race) to see the individual aspects of each and every lesson. You can preview videos, see lesson details, and hear the original worship music for each series.

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